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By the Shadow of the Lake

Thursday 28 June 2018, by Elsa

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By the Shadow of the Lake tells the story of Suzanne Rosemont du Lac, an ambitious young woman of the early twentieth century. While she is in India, negotiating the price of spices for the family’s company, she receives a telegram from her father. The latter informs her of the failure of a commercial partnership, causing the considerable weakening of their financial means.

Suzanne is thus obliged to return to France, where her father evades her from the company in order to reintegrate her into society life. Suzanne’s parents want to marry her to André, the son of a newly rich family. At the reception where Suzanne meets André, two other characters burst into his life. David, a doctor and childhood friend of André, promises him a future of travel and freedom. Marianne, André’s elder sister, shares a passion for art with Suzanne, and quickly falls under her spell.

About the film

The first 3 Furies feature film, a musical, epoch film ... By the Shadow of the Lake is an ambitious and demanding project, involving work from a lot of collaborators.

This period film takes place in 1905, and deals with still quite current society issues, particularly the place of women in a constrained but privileged society.

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